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Exhaust Repair

Exhaust Repair


At Quiet Zone, we can save you hundreds of dollars on your repair. Many shops will tell you that you need to replace your exhaust system when in fact it can easily be repaired. Don't get ripped off with unnecessary costly repairs. Call us today for an estimate.
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  • Custom and Performance Exhaust Systems -Get the power and sound you are looking for!
  • Catalytic Converter Replacement
  • Custom bending of exhaust pipes to fit any make or model of vehicle.
  • Front Pipe/Flex Tube Repair
  • Muffler Replacement

Your car not only has to help keep your family safe, it has to do its part to keep the planet safe. Most people think their car’s exhaust system is designed only to reduce noise, but it is also responsible for reducing harmful emissions from entering the atmosphere. A properly functioning muffler and exhaust system not only sound better, they are better – for you, your car, and the environment.

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