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Customer ReviewsWe're a Favorite Place on Google.

5 Star Rating "I was in a few weeks ago with a 96 Geo that had a bunch of issues and you all were very honest and straight up with me and the car is running as best as it can right now...no high hopes for the long haul but it is doing what it needs to do and for that I thank you. I also want to thank the technician who burned me a copy of the Lutan Fyah CD.  I have been enjoying it and enjoying re-exploring the singjay dancehall scene that has taken a back seat to dub for the last 8 years.  Thank you for reminding me how great it is and for introducing me to Lutan Fyah. Thank you!" -John Kulsick

5 Star Rating "They have the best customer service and Great Quality work. Waiting time is the best soo far from anyone I've been too."-Anonymous

 5 Star Rating "Thanks a lot for your great work to get me and my wife out of a jam last weekend while passing through Milwaukee. Our alternator went out and it was late on the day, Saturday, and it only took a hour to get back on the road AND at a VERY resonable cost. The estimate only took 10 minutes and we were given 2 prices depending on what parts may be needed and the final bill turned out to the the LESSOR of the 2 estimates. Many garages would have taken advantage of our situation and charged as much as they could get away with. Happy customers of Quiet Zone."-Brian and Margaret Helminen


5 Star Rating "A couple months ago, I had to have my brakes repaired. I called other places, and was quoted at a couple thousand dollars and actually given a 50-50 chance of the car ever being drivable again. This place quoted me at only a couple hundred dollars and after looking it over, seen no downfall behind it being fixed. They explained thoroughly what parts I would need and what the labor consisted of. After getting it back, there were no problems and everything worked perfectly. I highly recommend this place. Actually being able to fix with no problem what other mechanics thought was impossible is proof of itself." - mightyonenate

5 Star Rating "I found this place online and thought I would give them a try. They seemed to be honest about their work and were very professional. I also appreciated that they didn't try to sell me a million things like the oil change place I go to. I will definetly be going there again for my car." - Highrider29

5 Star Rating “Everyone was very polite and helpful. I dealt mainly with Anthony and he explained what was wrong and what needed to be done in terms that I could understand. He’s a very polite and helpful person. Quiet Zone is the place to get prompt and excellent service.” - Barb Bishop

5 Star Rating "I just used their service to do my tire's allignment and balancing. It's all great and I am satisfied. They are so honest since they told me that my car is ok and it does not need balancing, only allignment. Plus, they gave me discount for allignment !! It's alllll great. highly recommended and the price is cheaper than others." - girl_in_pink

5 Star Rating "My son found this place on line and suggested I call them for an estimate. I already new what I needed and they quoted me an excellent price. When I went in the young man was very nice and professional. They stuck to their original estimate over the phone and the car was ready when they promised. I highly recommend them!" - Myra G.

5 Star Rating "I came in for a oil change, great service. they take pride in what they do, honest staff. Online is the best way to schedule a appiontment." - Moe S.

“Always do a professional Job. Trust their work.” - Debra Wasilczuk

“Very Good Customer Service and Vehicle was clean, also Recommendations for Additional Service Repairs Given” - AAA Response

“Pleasure to do business with” - AAA response

“This shop is indeed ethically sound. I have had bad run-ins with car mechanics in the past, and the folks here, especially Anthony were Courteous and Professional” - AAA response

“Good Job - Clean & Neat Lobby” - AAA Card

“Courteous, Helpful, Friendly & Informative. Will definitely Retrn. Excellent Work & Service” - Robert Mudgett

“Tony & Joe were both courteous & informative - explained all the problems & what they were doing.” - Dianne Murphy

“Great Job” - AAA Card

“Always accurate and polite. Car was clean & neat” - AAA Card

“Were awesome! Tony & Kevin were really nice.” - AAA Card

“Highly recommended” - William Wrobleski

“Great Job - Tony & Kevin were awesome” - AAA Card

“Excellent Work and Fast” - AAA Card

“Great job - Fair Price” - AAA Card

“Very knowledgeable and estimates accurate” - AAA Card

“Kevin & Tony are great. Always appreciate their help.” - Roger Stienke

“Great Service Always !!!” - Cheryl Voelker

“Awesome Service! Everything was explained in plain English, no work done w/o my approval.” - Scott Limberg

“Treated me very well!!” - John Cardoni

“Have always had excellent service” - Helen Keough

“Excellent! Bill is very nice!” - Sue Lester

“X-Lent” - Ed & Annette Foster

“Quiet Zone is Excellent! I had a problem - they got right in - Have been coming here for years” - Joan Eckes

“Wonderful Repair Shop” - Sean Cronin

“Great Service”- Diane Wilde

“They have been a great maintenance shop to go to. They are fair and honest” - Dan Neuens

“Always has the customer in mind” - K. Parde

“I was very pleased that when I needed to reschedule my truck repairs to a day earlier my request was not only granted but the service was also completed on time. This service center adjusted their schedule to meet my needs and provided the quality repairs I have grown to expect from the their service center. I will continue to use and recommend using Quiet Zone.” - Jerry Kubisiak

”Josh & Brian ALWAYS go the 'extra' mile for me! They explain things in "English" in case I don't understand what has to be fixed. I've been taking my vehicles to Quiet Zone for 10 years now and I would NOT go any where else. I would recommend them to any one. People are always pleasant, very friendly and nice to deal with. Excellent service! Very happy to have found Quiet Zone. Joe, Anthony, and Shwan are obsolutely the BEST!!! I hope they are not going any where as I would be lost without them!!! Thanks a million!!!!!!!!!!!!!” - Shanno Hafeman

”Went with car to another sevice location,but returned to Quiet Zone because costs are more reasonable and staff presents themselves in a natural way and they don`t present themselves in a show off manner that would turn me off from returning.”- Eugene Viegut

”Joe and the gang have been a blessing to me and my family. They have treated us great and whenever we have had issues with anything, they have resolved them quickly. Thanks for taking care of us and our cars.” - Dan N.

”Joe and Anthony truly go the extra mile. My company's motto is "because service matters", and as simple as that is it is a basic premise that applies to most any business. These two, and the whole staff at the Layton Ave location make getting your vehicle serviced almost a pleasure. I have, and will continue to refer people to them.” - D. Rochon

”I have to say Anthony that the store really looks great and I was impressed with the new change in the store and online as well. The guys are doing a great job at the counter and as always the technicians still do a great job on our vehicles, thank you again for the great service”. Kevin & Nichole Saal

“Thanks” - Melissa Simkowski

“Satisfied” - Sam Skibicki

“They made sure the problem would not arise again before returning vehicle.” - June Carlson

“I have used them for years.” - Harry Pokorny

"Well satisfied" - Wallace Brzezinski

"Very Pleasant to Deal With" - Mike Bourguignon

"Very friendly & Helpful" - Mariana Dubbert

"Good facility, good manager" - Don Grover

"They do a great job & are always very easy tp work with" - Lisa Conklin

"Very good shop - we always use this place" - Deb Dorshorst

“Nice People” - Nicki Kramer

“This was pain free - love their service” - AAA Card

“This Place Rocks!” - AAA Card

“I like their service a lot since I moved here this has been the place to go” - Bob Thompson

“Love them more than my mom, they help me with my repair - she don’t” - AAA Card

“Joe and Tony were awesome - car done as promised” - AAA Card

“I only recommend Quiet Zone to my friends - they are always great” - AAA Card

(Thanks Joe). Anthony, the service writer, delivered my vehicle to me and explained in detail my repair order. Anthony was very polite and gave me his personal business card to call him if he could be of any further assistance. (WOW!) Keep up the good work! It's very hard to find a repair facility with that kind of dedication and professionalism. Please share this with your staff and again thank you. I will recommended Quiet Zone to anyone I can." - R. Hoefs

"Joe provided exceptional service.& nbsp; I've been looking for a place that is willing to get to know me and my vehicles and provide good, honest service at a fair price. Glad I found you guys."

"I rely on the friendly service of Quiet Zone to know my vehicles and guide me throught the best maintenance plan posible. I appreciate that the your sevice personel recommend needed sevices well in advance so I can prepare for the next step in keeping my vehicles running at top performance for a long time. I am impressed that when I call the staff seem to know me by name and that makes me feel very comfortable trusting my investment to them. Thank you for your personal service!" - S. Leeman

"Thank You! I brought my Kia in on Friday for service while I was in Milwaukee upon the suggestion of my mother who has used Quiet Zone previously. I cannot say enough about the service I received. Quotes I received back home in Madison were much higher and I was met with staff there that I would have preferred to not deal with anyway. Being a person who works in a customer service based industry, I recognize good service when I receive it, and in this case Quiet Zone has more than met my expectations. Thank You." - Rachel

"We have nothing but praise for the excellent service and attention given to us when our car died, and we were 150 miles away from home. Wish we had that kind of service here in Watertown. Our sincere thanks to all." - The Riederers

My work was done well and I was informed the entire time. There was a minor issue with one maintenance item and Mike had the tech redo it at no charge. That's good service.

I also like that they only repaired what was needed and didn't try to push you into a lot of other optional services to drive up sales like so many other places do.

“Joe and Anthony are the BEST!!!!!” - M. Potthier

"This is the best stuff I have ever dealt with in the field of mechanics. Very reliable, friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks Joe and Tony for fixing the leaks." - J. Wilke

"Very good facility. Never overcharged. Never repairs done unless I have authorized. Recommend frequently." - T. Gulovich

"Excellent." - M. Pliseck

"Well pleased." - J. Jeresek

"Satisfied." - J. Schrank

"Very good service." - C. Bembenek

"Really did a great job. Doug is very helpful and courteous." - B. Neer

"Excellent facility." - P. Lawson

"Quiet Zone in Milwaukee is excellent in repairs, knowledge, courtesy and friendliness." - E. Mozuch

"I can't ask for better auto mechanics. They go above and beyond the call of duty." - S. Keel

"Very accommodating, friendly, efficient and honest." - W. Schroeder

"Once again y'all came through in a pinch. Staff is great and repairs rocked. Thanks." - R. Maass

"Do very good work." - E. Wojlalowicz

"Anthony and Joe are fantastic to work with. I appreciate the service you supply. Keep up the good work and please consider my Centric Brakes parts from Factory Motor Parts." Thanks, M. Weber

"I would like to take this time to thank the Quiet Zone staff for the experience I had on my last visit. From the moment I parked in the lot at 7am. I was greeted by a very friendly staff. Check in was fast and easy. I was called with additional repairs that were found and was given a quote for the repair right away. The advice I was given on the tires I purchased was Great! My wife loves them. (Thanks Mike). Joe, the service writer, delivered my vehicle to me and explained in detail my repair order. He was very polite and gave me his personal business card to call him if he could be of any further assistance. (WOW!) Keep up the good work! It's very hard to find a repair facility with that kind of dedication and professionalism. Please share this with your staff and again thank you. I will recommended Auto Select to anyone I can." - R. Hoefs

"Anthony provided exceptional service. I've been looking for a place that is willing to get to know me and my vehicles and provide good, honest service at a fair price. Glad I found you guys."

“No better team of mechanics anywhere! Great Service. People oriented customer service. The Best!!! Ronda D.

“Joe & The Crew, Just a great big thank you for the service on the Tahoe. Thanks for the ride to Antonio. Extra good service! Enjoy the cookies.” - Kathy C.

“I felt very comfortable with the people I dealt with. I dealt most with Anthony who was very friendly and respectful and he made a point of explaining what needed to be done in a very understandable manner.” - D. Haugen

“Tony is very helpful explaining which services were or were not necessary for our vehicle. Everyone is very friendly” J. Meulemans

“Employees were above & beyond friendly & helpful.”-D. McKenna

“I was very pleased with my whole experience”-S. Jessen

“Both Joe and Tony were courteous and friendly: very knowledgeable”-J. Meulemans

“Friendly Knowledgeable Staff, Planning long trip, guys told me what I need for the ride. A ”-J. Fenner

“They are so great there. Everyone is so nice, honest & honorable!”-J. Bauer

“Did a great job!”- P. Goff

“Great Service, Excellent” - E. Heidde

“Excellent, Honest Service, Every Time” - L. Olson

“Excellent Service” - R.l Sohr

“Excellent Place to do business with” - L. Senn

“All the individuals that assisted me were very helpful” - K. Stephens

“Awesome Service” - S. Wood

"Consistently Reliable Service” - R. Colton

“Excellent Facility, Knowledgeable Personnel” - H. Macalalad

“Good People” - T. Geurink

“Satisfied Customer” - D. Raddatz

“Does Good Work” - W. McCrory

“Excellent Work I Recommend Many” - J. Guillaume

“One Fine Facility” - J. Wolf

“I feel this is a place I can trust” - R. Stotmeister

“Professional & Efficient Service” - AAA Response

“Excellent Work” - J. Kalinoski

“Excellent Job” - D. Mortensen

“I always receive good service” - F. Heider

“Very well pleased with their work” - B. Hoffman

“Nice Work Done” - C. Cintes

“I have use Quiet Zone exclusively for 5 years on all of our 4 cars” - D. Borens

“I have been pleased with their service. I have used them for a few years” - G. Salzman

“Staff is courteous, helpful, and knowledgeable. Very happy with the service and location” - B. Buchholz

“Best Repair Shop I’ve ever found” - P. Lawson

“Anthony and his staff are very professional. The have always provided the best parts & service! Thanks guys, once again for the great job!!!” - J. Riele

“I have always been very pleased with the work done at Quiet Zone” - P. King

“I had engine problems while traveling for work – They looked and repaired my car within time” - B. Meller

“We were pleasantly surprized. We didn't have an appointment, and were able to leave the car, it was ready the next day and the cost was less than the estimate. We were treated exceptionally well and would not hestitate to use Quiet Zone in the future.” - J. VandenHeuvel

“A heartfelt note of thanks and appreciation for your kindness, courtesy and quick response to our vehicle problems on Friday, July 27. Traveling from Pennsylvania with a canoe, a dog, and four children in tow, is a big task and our breakdown in our Dodge Grand Caravan was a “situation of concern”. Thanks to AAA, and Bill- the tow truck driver from BRB Towing, we were led to your service. Within a hour, we were “on the road again” as Willie Nelson sang!” - C. Sterner, Pennsylvania

"Excellent Service - Courteous Employees" - S. Thorton

"Excellent Service, Courteous People, Will definitely be back" J. Roberts

"I have used Auto Select for years & they are very helpfull & honest" P. Connor

"Brian is an asset to the company. Friendly & caring" C. Paque

Courteous, Knowledgeable Personnel" - A. Lietz

"Doug, the store manager is great" - T. Callins

"Always satisfied - Have been going there for years" - R. Check

"Have been going here for years & will continue to do so in the future. Anthony & crew are Great! Friendly, Professional, & Courteous... Highly Recommend this place..." - C. Cantu

"They always do a formidable job" - L. Demeyer

"Repairs & Oil Service are always great" - J. Kropidlowski

"We love working with Anthony and Quiet Zone. We were not happy w/our other AAA service and changed to Quiet Zone" - Slezak

"My son was impressed by the help and courtesy I was given as a senior. He is in sales and drives a lot." - L. Harris

"I would recommend this repair shop to other people" - M. Lodzinski

I am very happy with Quiet Zone customer service and workmanship. - Z. Miller

Quiet Zone always does an excellent job! Very happy with them! - J. Cornette

Best repair shop I ever been to, Clean, Friendly & Honest - K. Schuch

Very professional and very catering to the consumer. - K. Wright

Very Happy - T. Sether

We were extremely pleased with the service here. - J. Austin

“Excellent Service; Very nice people, Excellent explanation of repairs & why” - L. Heier

“This was the best experience I have had with a repair facility.” - AAA Response

“Great guys and service.” Kevin S.

“Awesome - Highly recommend” Roger S.

“Love the place, always treat me right” Cheryl M.

“Excellent as always, highly recommend.” - AAA Response

“Like very well - would return when needed.” - AAA Response

“Excellent service, fast turn around time.” Dan S.

“Came from out of town and was treated really great - seemed very knowledgeable - and no future problems with repair.” - Bob H.

“Everything was great, and they were highly recommended” Lee P.

“Provided good work and on time service… Very honest people… Thanks” - Dan M.

I've used your service several times now. Staff is always courteous. - Roger D

"I recently needed service on my car and I was searching the yellow pages. I came across your ad and it immediatley got my attention. I called the Layton Ave. location and was able to bring the car in right away. All of the items mentioned in the ad were fulfilled as stated. I was very happy to receive my car back the next day. Anthony and staff were great. I even received a call asking if everything was working right! I will not hesitate to choose them in the future and have already recommended them to others." - Randy L.

"2 different services - excellent for both" Max S.

"I have been a member & happy as one. Have those services included w/auto ins. now, but trust your name. Thanks!" Roselle D.

"Very Good business people" Roy D.

"Great staff - very knowledgeable" Laurie M.

"This is an honest exceptionally fine repair facility" Tome F.

"These guys are great!" Amanda

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