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    Auto repair shops see spike in business during heat


MILWAUKEE - On hot days like Wednesday, many of us crank up the air conditioning in our cars, but when the air conditioning breaks down, the heat almost seems amplified.

The Quiet Zone's Manager Anthony Smith tells TODAY'S TMJ4's Jesse Ritka it can be almost unbearable in a car without air conditioning,"You're gonna suffer."

Under the sun and high temperatures, a car acts like a green house, trapping the heat inside. Many find relief with the turn of a knob, "We've been a little spoiled with our new cars that have nice AC systems," Smith says.

But when the cool, conditioned air fails to fly out of the vents, fixing it is usually at the bottom of everyone's lists Smith explains, "People are more inclined to get their brakes fixed, get crucial things fixed. They just have to drive with the window down, I was guilty of that myself. But I broke down and had my AC fixed when it got really hot, I couldn't take it anymore."

Auto repair shops like The Quiet Zone see a major boost in business when the temperatures soar. "The phone just rings and rings and rings. Once that heat hits, people don't put it off any longer. If they can afford it, they'll do it," says Smith.

So while auto mechanics are baking in this heat, they're also thankful for the business it brings in.


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